Speed up your job search with GPTs

I've been playing with GPT Builder for a couple of evenings and have published first iterations of two GPTs.

I wanna share the one I think everyone here can benefit from. It was initially intended to help me find jobs to share with this channel but then I realized I can share it publicly so you could start using it right away. It still needs some fine tuning for sure but it is already very helpful.

Start testing here https://chat.openai.com/g/g-CcBBmLTnc-find-remote-jobs-in-tech-companies

Feel free to start testing it and share it with your friends. I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments or DMs.

Below is the list of jobs that I found using it today to share with my Telegram audience. I share the actual most recent links there. Telegram https://t.me/remoteeverafter

Lead UX Designer at Flying Bisons
Teach Lead in the Open Source Project at Upside
Ruby on Rails Engineer at Upside
Python Engineer at Upside
Frontend Engineer at Upside at Upside
Product & UI Designer
UX/UI Designer at Brew
Graphic Designer at The/Studio
Head of Marketing at The/Studio
UI/UX Designer at The/Studio
Head of Customer Experience at The/Studio
Customer Success Representative at The/Studio
Customer Success Representative at The/Studio
Sales Team Lead at The/Studio
UX Designer at WatchGuard
Product Designer at Phyllo